A New Face for Fair Trade Tourism in SA

Fair Trade Tourism Brand Redesign


Client: Fair Trade Tourism [/tw-column]

MojaNation Exchange was tasked with revamping the Fair Trade Tourism brand to embody the organisation’s contemporary and streamlined approach to responsible tourism. A new logo, a full corporate identity and collateral were required. To maintain and maximise existing brand recognition, the new logo retained the circular shape and the identifiable green and blue of the previous logo. Our team designed a more modern, stamp-like logo and updated the shades of green and blue to something fresher. With its sleek minimalist style, the logo brings to mind a seal of approval, giving an impression of trust and integrity. We worked with Cape Town-based illustrator, Oliver Whyte, to create a series of light-hearted educational illustrations which would help consumers understand responsible tourism (an obscure concept for many, particularly in South Africa). These illustrations were used across collateral and in a series of print adverts to launch the new look at the 2013 Tourism Indaba. The updated brand is symbolic of the progress that the organisation has made over the last decade. It’s a makeover on the outside to match the changes happening on the inside. The new-look represents FTT’s business practice: a people-centric brand that aims to be approachable and fun, while remaining professional and trustworthy.