Explore Africa with Visa!

Visa Premium Card Presentation Kit


 Year: 2013

Client: Visa

As business opportunities grow and airlines improve access, more and more businesspeople are flying into Africa’s business capitals. However, people don’t know that they can use their Visa cards when they get there, and many of the cities are intimidatingly chaotic, especially for first-time travellers. What a great excuse to develop a fabulous pocket-sized travel guide!

We brought together experienced writers who’ve done business in these cities and asked them to choose the best places to shop, eat and sleep in each city. We collated their best recommendations, peppered with useful tips and things to do for travellers with a weekend at leisure, and jazzed them up with colourful visuals and an easy-to-read format. Now those businesspeople won’t dread their trip, they’ll be excited to explore – and they’ll use their Visa cards wherever they go.

It’s now available as an ‘eGuide’ (click here!), and an app for iPads is on the way!