Gimme a Great Big Wits “W”!

Celebrating Wits’s 90th Birthday


Year: 2012 Client: Wits

Client: “Wits is turning 90. We need to form a human W in front of the Great Hall and we don’t know how to do it….can you help?” Led by our Project Director, Tiekie Barnard, we definitely could and, with 13 days to pull it off, we got to work.


First things first, we brought in the maths boffs to do the complex calculations. With a fool-proof game plan for the day, we trained 30 Wits Students to assist with the execution, bringing the entire activation team to around 50. In line with client’s Carnival theme, we got bandanas cut by four gogos in Tembisa to give away. After a quick weather check and not wanting students to faint, we did a last minute purchase of 1 500 water sachets. Smart move on Tiekie’s part!


Friday October 5th came a lot quicker than anticipated. Thanks to Black Coffee and DJ Bravo, the energy was infectious as the students started trickling into the enormous W we had staked out on the Library Lawn. After about forty minutes, the W was packed to capacity with about 1 800 students – and we took the “money shot”: the “W” with the iconic Great Hall behind it. The activation made the Saturday Star the next day, another PR-worthy activation by MojaNation Exchange.


WITS 90 Carnival Event from MojaNation Exchange on Vimeo.