A Fresh Take on Local Is Lekker at the Tourism Indaba

SAT Heritage & Culture Pavilion (Tourism Indaba 2013)


South African Tourism

South African Tourism needed a way to showcase the best of South Africa’s heritage and culture at the Tourism Indaba. The solution was simple: to surpass the traditional gumboot dancers with a contemporary and innovative concept.

A walk through the pavilion was a celebration of our world-class attractions took delegates through local fashion, textile design, local craft, local produce, art and food, with nature as central thread.

SA’s top fashion designers were asked to design couture garments that represent our eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. At the centre of the pavilion stood a live tree. Visitors had the chance to relax under the tree, sip rooibos tea and chat. The tree inspired the use of paper as a material for many of the interior treatments.

For the décor, old, used items were refashioned in an innovative way. Lanterns were created from two-litre bottles and spoons. Seating and tables were made from old tyres wrapped in contemporary fabrics, bicycle tyres piled one above the other, old paint drums, stacked newspapers with cushion tops, magazines folded into flower-like shapes and plastic piping clamped together. Exquisite chandeliers were made from old books. There was a “wow!” around every corner!