A Touch of MTN Magic

MTN Annual Brand Conference



Staying true to the MTN Brand Conference’s theme of “a magical touch”, the MojaNation team were asked to add some creative flair, using our own brand of magic to make this a conference to remember! We created a heart-warming opening animation with talented illustrator/animator Josh Ryba, designed 11 interactive presentations for some of MTN’s top executives (including the CEO and CFO) and a fun activation involving a ‘magic box’.

Each delegate was surprised with this ‘magic box’ under their seats. The cover of the box was a holographic smartphone with each item on the programme represented by an icon. A passer-by even asked our Creative Director, who was holding one of these boxes, whether this was a new phone from MTN! Inside the box were four smaller boxes, each with an element needed for the activities spread throughout the day.

One of the treasures to be found inside was a Rubik’s cube (complete with cheat sheet on how to solve it for a fool-proof activation result). Delegates were asked to solve their cube and place it on a puzzle-like grid outside the hall. As the cubes were added, the MTN logo magically revealed itself, made out of the 324 solved cubes.

Adding his own touch of mentalist wizardry, Ilan Smith blew everyone away with his interactive show. The boxes also included a fortune cookie, specially prepared for the event, and a deck of cards – for magic tricks with Ilan, of course!