Making Money Grow with Visa

Visa mPOS Direct Mail Campaign

Year: 2013

Client: Visa

For phase two of the mPOS campaign MojaNation Exchange launched at last year’s Tourism Indaba, Visa needed a way to engage with its tourism-industry target audience, to encourage them to follow through with their interest in the product. Once again, Moja knocked it out of the park!

The ZipZap mobile point-of-sale device, or mPOS, makes transactions from anywhere easy, essentially combining a card reader with the power of a smartphone. Visa knew this technology would be especially helpful to small businesses in the tourism industry, such as B&Bs or tour operators. Moja’s job was to show them just how useful this new technology could be for them, and encourage them to make use of it.

Rather than a leaflet or letter, the MojaNation team stepped way outside of the box and sent out 4000 yellowwood trees! The choice of tree was easy to make: the yellowwood is South Africa’s national tree. The tree’s packaging explained the concept – using an mPOS for your business is just like using water to nourish a tree. It’s so simple, and the results speak for themselves. The message was that transactions should be as easy as watering a tree. Alongside the information about the ZipZap mPOS device, there was a link to a short video showing how to use it, also created by the MojaNation team.

MojaNation’s innovative approach to advertising created a buzz around the product, and the campaign sparked a wave of interest in the device. As a result, hundreds of people and businesses from the tourism industry signed up for the service, to make their business life easier.

MNE Visa mPOS Direct Mailer from MojaNation Exchange on Vimeo.