Suiting Up with Chabad for a Good Cause

Chabad Origami Clothing Collection Leaflet

Year: 2014

Client: Chabad House

Chabad House’s annual Miracle Drive takes fundraising to the next level, raising money for their outreach work in the South African Jewish community and beyond, in projects that uplift, support and inspire. The largest single fundraiser in the country, the drive culminates in a dinner that attracts the who’s who, an event that always makes a splash.

In 2014, Chabad approached MojaNation Exchange to create unique leaflets for their Miracle Drive collection, with the aim of getting everyone at the event to donate their old books and clothes. The team conceptualized the stylish tuxedo origami based on the idea of showing how ordinary things can be given new life and made extraordinary, just as second-hand goods can be repurposed to make somebody’s day. With just a few folds, an ordinary leaflet is made into an event!

Once the leaflets were printed, the team, spearheaded by Sivan, made sure that every single one was folded perfectly. We love projects like this, which gives us the opportunity to get creative – and for a good cause, too!